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Rebecca Camarena, author

Hello, I’m Rebecca, located in California!

I help you take the leap from aspiring author to published pro with tailored writing steps, impeccable editing and publishing strategies designed to make your book shine. My mission is to help authors like you turn good ideas and manuscripts into great books.

My specialty is guiding you through every stage of the process, from exploring and refining your narrative to navigating the complex world of publishing.

New opportunities will be showing up, from speaking engagements to increased brand visibility and you’ll get noticed as the expert and become a best seller with ease!

From Idea to Published Reality and everything in between, I’ve got you covered!


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Rebecca Camarena, best-selling author

Out of My Comfort Zone features profiles from remarkable women of all backgrounds and places in life. Explore stories from business coaches, a publishing consultant, professional life-style bloggers, a marketing strategist, and educators from across the globe. Each of these rising entrepreneurs offers valuable insight on the struggles, challenges and life-changing moments that brought them success and personal satisfaction.

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“Rebecca is a true super woman taking on responsibilities with grace and always keeping to her timeline and maintaining high standards.”

— Carol Gallant, author of Beyond Courage: One Family’s Will to Survive

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